License #716151

December 16th, 2017

After reading reviews of several house painters I decided to use Pacific West Painting. Bill Dumond, the owner, answered my initial phone call promptly and an appointment for our estimate was scheduled. He showed up on time, was thorough and professional, answering our questions in plain English, not in “contractor-speak”.Due to his previously scheduled jobs there was a delay in getting our work done. Bill communicated with us throughout the delay and by the time our work started 99.9% of our questions and concerns were addressed. His team always showed up on time. They were always respectful of us and our property. They were considerate of the fact that we were living in the house while they were working on it. At the end of each day their supplies were neatly stacked out of our way. There was never any trash laying around (previous contactors have left soda cans. water bottles and miscellaneous trash laying around the yard). We have many plants growing near the house. Not a branch was broken, not a leaf got painted, and there was no debris in the flower beds!During the prep work for the job an unexpected issue came to light. A previous painter had applied oil based paint over water based paint (or water over oil I’m not sure which) without proper preparation. We all know oil and water don’t mix. Bill and his team took the time to properly prepare the area (a full day added to their prep time) to ensure there would not be any problem in the future. Bill was true to his estimate and there was no increase in our final invoice due to this unforeseen issue.At the end of the job, even though my husband went over the work before the team left, Bill came by on a Saturday morning to see if I noticed something that my husband might have missed. We are very picky and there were a few very minor touch ups needed. They were done Monday morning.I would highly recommend Pacific West Painting and plan on using them when we paint our interior.
~ Elaine M, Ventura, CA